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Tools I'm Using Right Now

Here is a list of my favorite tools for marketing, writing, and knowledge management.

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I’m always curious what tools people use in their work, so I thought it would compile a list of the tools I use for writing and productivity.

With that being said, use what you’re comfortable using or already know how to use. Outcomes are the most important; whatever tools you pick should help you get to the outcomes you want.

But there is a reason why we find tools fascinating. Tools can influence those outcomes, sometimes in a significant way! At least Abraham Lincoln thought so:

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.

So with that introduction in mind, here’s what I’m using today. Hope you enjoy it!

Business Management

Google Workspace: Custom email domain and a business phone number

Wave: Free accounting for small businessess

Things: Personal task management

Knowledge Management

Obsidian: Notes stored in markdown and synced with end-to-end encryption

Instapaper: Highlighting and read later

Raindrop: Bookmark manager for everything that isn’t text

Readwise: Sync all your highlights and learn with spaced repetition


Buffer: For scheduling social media posts

ConvertKit: For email marketing, email courses, and automation

Web Design

Fathom Analytics: For privacy-first website analytics

Jekyll: Static site generator

Namecheap: For buying domains

Netlify: For simply, static website hosting

Tailwind CSS: Utility-first CSS framework for designing websites

Visual Studio Code: Open-source code editing app


Copy AI: Side kick for brainstorming copy ideas

Ulysses: Markdown writing app

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