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Just Start

How long have you been working on a project with nothing to show?


How long have you been working on a project with nothing to show?

I am an expert procrastinator. I spent three years building, tearing down, and restarting this blog. The colors were never right, I didn’t like the font, I needed just one more feature to be ready.

Finally, I decided to slim down to just what I need to write. The rest could come later. For now It’s minimal, but it’s all I needed to start.

Today you can publish your writing in less than five minutes. Start with tools like:

The list is endless. So what are you waiting for?

  • Start writing
  • Get feedback
  • Refine your work
  • Try again

One of the biggest misconceptions about writing or creating anything is that you should start with a strategy: “I’m going to write about X for people interested in Y.”

But here’s the truth: you don’t need a plan to start.

Write about whatever interests you. You’ll eventually find what you enjoy writing about the most and what resonates most with your audience.

You just have to start.

Here are three formats to get started:

  • Today I learned how to…
  • Did you read or hear about X? Here’s my reaction…
  • Someone asked me about X, so here is the answer

Keep a notebook with all the questions people ask you for help with. Write up your answers and publish them.

Eventually you’ll hit your stride — and you’ll probably discover an idea you could never have found while planning your strategy, picking brand colors, and brainstorming topics for your blog.

Start today.

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