A colophon is term borrowed from publishing to describe 'how this site was built'


The headers and body use the default system sans serif for speed and privacy. I intend to add support for custom, self-hosted fonts down the line as I build out the website further.


Jekyll does most of the heavy lifting on this site — it’s a static site generator that takes care of building the site as static HTML files to improve performance. The site is deployed with Netlify, so I don’t have to worry about hosting.

I used Tailwind CSS to build and design the site theme and individual components. An atomic design framework, it provides a set of utility classes for your HTML markup. The result is a tiny CSS file (less than 50KB) without any of the bloat you find with other CSS frameworks.

All the individual notes are written in markdown for ease of portability. My CMS is a bunch of files and folders on my operating system.


Everything is open source and published on Github under the MIT License. If you republish any of the content on this site, you must provide an author credit and a link back to this site.