Notes on creativity, work, and life

Margin Notes is my newsletter where I share first drafts with a small community of like-minded people. You can expect some of my best writing, along with some of my most raw. You’ll receive a mix of short missives including excerpts from books I’m working on, articles I’ve written before they are published, and informal notes and reactions to ideas I come across in my daily reading.

I send emails on a relaxed schedule, maybe once or twice a month, and usually on Sunday mornings. I share information here first, and it’s more of a dialog than a one-way broadcast.

I’d love to have you in the community.

Why call it “margin notes”?

Margin notes (often referred to as marginalia) are the comments, notes, drawings, and other scribbes added to the margins of books. Many authors and thinkers are known for writing interesting margin notes, and the notes themselves provide insights into their creative process.

On my own journey as a marketer, strategist, and writer, I’ve come to appreciate that most of my thinking happens in the margins: while walking, in brief notes, and especially in my first drafts.

Why subscribe?

There are a lot of fantastic newsletters out there already where you can get a list of the week’s top links. Rather than add another weekly round up to your inbox, I tend to share my original writing, albeit less frequently.

When I was thinking about the newsletter I would want to read, I realized I wanted something other than the standard round up of links or narrowly-focused beat. (You know the ones: “this newsletter is for people who like tech” or “this newsletter is for people who work in marketing”.)

Instead, I wanted to create a space to explore the creative process while it is happening. I’ve always been fascinated with how people work, and in particular, how they develop ideas. You could think of this newsletter as a source of ideas – whether you are interested in writing, the creative process, navigating a career, or simply thinking about life online today.

As a result, this newsletter tends to be more informal and personal than what I share on the blog. If it’s not for you, unsubscribe at any time. But I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.