Hello World

This is an example blog post that I’m writing to, well, show what a blog post might look like on this new website. If you’re wondering, it’s built on Jekyll and the Poole/Lanyon theme by @mdo. Poole is a Jekyll “butler” that provides the basic pages and includes for the framework to function. Handy, but not really necessary.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what I will be writing here just yet. Writing about work-related topics seems logical if a bit boring. Oh, did you know that I can link things too?

Pretty nifty for a simple post.

Type Here

I wonder if it considers markdown inline?

Yep, it does.

More copy goes here. Now I’m typing some new text in Ulysses. I want to test copying markdown and pasting into Forestry.

This is a blockquote in the theme style

Now I’m typing some more copy below the code block. “This is a quote.”



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